Unicus NTS is a game development outsourcing company, which develops and delivers games for different companies. Our company also focuses on 2D and 3D modeling, high and low poly modeling, branding, full art-style development and texturing. Outsourcing our company can help you to serve better work delivery savings both your time and money. Our goal is to do business in economically responsible manner while delivering superior long-term value and meeting your needs and established schedule.


Artificial intelligence made a revolution in the world, so people began to war with automated machines. After several years of hard battle, the number of people reached to several million. While machines with artificial intelligence began to build their own cities, machines, weapons and environment on the earth. In the same time people living under the ground, created their own civilization and lifestyle. They prepared for guerilla movement and attack. The main hero of the game lost his family, his hand and leg in the war. Through years we had only one aim: to win the enemy!

LATEST Projects

We want to present you our latest projects, cause we have too much of them, so here you can see them with all their adorableness.



Mar 22, 2018

It was one of the most important breakthroughs for us. All the famous Epic Games has placed our model as a picture of the day.

Pic of the Day

Sep 29, 2018

"It was just a random weekend before guys from Unicus NTS have sent me this! What is even more exciting is I don't have the slightest idea what this is all about and Vahan Shahinyan just won't tell me anything :) I'm super excited though that Cyberside inspires people for cool content like this piece"

Aleksey Savchenko

Aug 8, 2018

"This is the coolest work I've ever seen in an unreal engine, I will be happy to share with everyone, unfortunately very short videos, we are waiting for news from you..."

Ken Pimentel


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