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Fortnite Battle Royale has always been a little bit different from other games that let players build things in-game. Rather than players flexing their creative muscles first and learning practical uses for them later, Fortnite asks you to learn how to build for blocking bullets right off the bat. So, most players learned to make small utilitarian buildings, but many longed for something a little more complicated. Now, Epic is bringing that to game with Fortnite’s new Creative mode.

Creative mode is dedicated to allowing players to create whatever their heart desires. This is a mode that many players, of both Battle Royale and Save the World, have been asking about for almost a year now, but now that we know exactly what’s included in the mode it’s clear why it took Epic so long to make: Creative mode is absolutely massive.

Rather than simply giving players unlimited resources and letting them fly — you can fly in Creative mode, by the way — around the standard map, Epic has taken the time to give players a variety of tools that aren’t available in the normal game.

The mode will officially debut on Dec. 6 for players who buy the season seven Battle Pass, and Dec. 13 for players who don’t. Most of the information we have now comes from Fortnite YouTubers and content creators who were invited by Epic to check out the mode. We’ve scoured their videos — which you should check out — to give you a basic idea of just how much you can do in Creative mode.

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When you first load into the Creative mode, it takes you to a place called the creative hub. The most prominent feature here is a stone slab in the center, where you spawn, and a circle of rocks around it. Each of these rocks has a rift on it, just like you would see when someone uses a Rift to Go in Battle Royale mode. The first one of these, which looks to be a slightly gold color, will send you to your own personal creation area — more on that in a bit — while the others will send you to a variety of places, including the creative areas of friends, or even certain players whose work Epic wants to highlight.

This area isn’t too exciting on its own — just think of it like a more interactive menu — but the real highlight here is getting to visit other people’s games and see what incredible things they’ve created.


Each and every player gets four creative spaces, according to the videos that we’ve seen so far. Each space is called an island — each one is literally an island — but they’re different from the regular Battle Royale island you may be used to. When you start out, each island is basically just a big open area surrounded by mountains with plenty of room to build in. Each one will let you build as much as you want until you hit the island’s memory limit, and if you exit the island it saves your progress and buildings so you can come back later.

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The building itself is handled a little differently than in Fortnite’s other modes. This time around, you’ve got a special item that looks like a cellphone, which can be used to copy walls, move things around, rotate them or delete them entirely. Most of the building that happens in the mode takes this form: Copy the type of structure you want to use then place them all around, pick a new one and repeat.


As for where these pre-existing copies that you’re supposed to copy come from, that’s where the prefab menu comes into play. This menu is absolutely huge, it contains all kinds of buildings that Battle Royale players will recognize from parts of Tilted Towers, to smaller buildings that only exist in Lucky Landing, there’s a whole range of pre-made buildings that you can spawn in to alter or copy from.

This menu also includes certain options which include every type of certain objects. There’s the furniture option which includes everything from refrigerators to book shelves to couches to kitchen sinks. Or an option that simply gives you every type of wall that the game has to offer. From here you can copy any structure that exists in the game and add it to your island of creativity.

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Of all the things in Fortnite Creative, this one is probably the most exciting. Once you’ve built whatever it is you want, you can then create an entire custom game mode around your map. These game modes can range anywhere from custom free-for-all deathmatches to races and probably plenty more once players get the chance to actually experiment with them. It may not sound like much now, but the addition of a game mode creator means that whatever is created in the Creative mode isn’t limited to the way we think of Fortnite right now. Someone could turn their map into a cooperative puzzle game, or a golfing simulator, all within the same game.

It doesn’t look like there’s a way to share these maps and game modes, at least based on the videos that have come out so far, but hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to play custom maps with their own specific game modes from Fortnite creators as they spring up.

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