Apex Legends patch makes sure Caustic and Mirage are no longer crashing games

Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends has been out for two weeks, and developer Respawn has released the game’s second patch. This patch deals with the game’s stability and attempts to fix a few crashing issues, especially on console.

Every version of the game is getting fixes for the slow walking bug, which caused players to move slowly after a revive. Also there’s a fix to the bug that caused Mirage’s abilities to sometimes crash the game.

On consoles, there are a few fixes for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, including one to address GPU issues and one for a crash that was caused by hitting buttons on the loading screen. The Xbox One version is getting a fix for Gibraltar’s Epic skins crashing matches when equipped.

While all of these changes are welcome improvements, they don’t address several of the community’s most requested fixes. Things like the unreliable physics on supply ships — which weren’t quite fixed by the first patch — or a reconnect feature for players that get kicked from matches are both changes that players have requested from Respawn.

As for balance changes, Respawn likely wants to get plenty of data before making tweaks to the way the game plays. While there could still be a balance patch at some point in February, we might have to wait until the release of the battle pass in March for the first gameplay changes to come to Apex Legends.

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