Fortnite’s latest patch introduces a hoverboard

Fortnite’s Driftboard | Epic Games

Fortnite season 7 opened with a teaser for the Driftboard, and days before the end of the season, Epic has finally released the item.

While the hovering snowboard may be the star of this week’s content update, it isn’t the only change. Epic is also releasing a couple of limited time game modes, one that also involves the Driftboard, and another that removes all the guns from the game and lets players play a deadly game of dodgeball using only grenades.

There are also a few minor changes coming with this update, like reduced spawn rates for certain items. Balloons, gliders, and dual pistols will all spawn less often as floor loot. You can still get them out of chests as frequently as before.

For a look at all the changes coming to Fortnite with the patch v7.40 content update, the full notes are below.



  • Use weapons or consumables as you ride the slopes. Boost past the competition with electrifying speed. Loot and revive downed allies. All without ever getting off the Driftboard!

  • Building is not possible while on the Driftboard.

  • Can be found scattered all around the map.

Reduced availability of Balloons from Floor Loot from 1.08% to 0.73%.

Reduced availability of Gliders from Floor Loot from 1.85% to 1.2%.

Reduced availability of Dual Pistols from Floor Loot from 1.39% to 0.66%.


Mode Details

  • Two teams of 32 players.

  • All Chests and Ammo Boxes have been removed.

  • Red Supply Drops fall all over the map, each containing a Driftboard, weapons, and ammo.

  • Health and Shields slowly regenerate when riding on a Driftboard.


Available items and grenades:

  • Smoke Grenades

  • ClingersRemote

  • Explosives

  • Port-a-Forts

  • Impulse Grenades

  • Shockwave Grenades

Mode details:

  • Chest spawns and Floor Spawns set to 100.

  • Can only get consumables out of Chests, Floor Loot, and Supply Drops.

  • Increase Supply Drops throughout the game.

  • Faster circle times.

  • Increased drop stack counts.

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