Fortnite week 4 season 8 hidden banner location guide and map

Epic Games

The latest round of Fortnite challenges is here, and that means there’s another loading screen to decipher.

This time around, the loading screen gives us a glimpse of the Banana King. In the background of screen, you can see this week’s banner just under one of the torches that sit on the side of the mountain.

Hidden banner in the week 4 loading screen/Epic Games via Polygon

Here’s where that torch is on the map, and where you’ll have to head to get the banner:

Fortnite hidden banner season 8 week 4 map location

The torch is located on the side of the volcano, and it overlooks Sunny Steps. The torch is sitting on a pedestal, which will have the banner nailed to its side.

Banner location Fortnite week 4

Once you arrive, you can pick up the banner and complete the challenge. Just like all of Fortnite’s weekly loading screen secrets, the banner won’t be available until you’ve completed all of this week’s challenges.

If you haven’t finished the challenges yet, here’s a look at all seven challenges from Fortnite season 8 week four:

Fortnite challenges week 4

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