Here’s the first look at DC Universe’s Stargirl series

DC Entertainment

DC Universe, DC Comics’ streaming and digital reading platform, is expanding its live-action offerings. The newest show on the roster is Stargirl, created by veteran comics writer Geoff Johns created. A first look at the heroine-led series debuted at WonderCon.

Stargirl is the superhero identity of high school student Courtney Whitmore, stepdaughter of the Star-Spangled Kid. The character has made appearances in television before, portrayed by Britt Irvine in Smallville and by Sarah Grey in the CW’s Arrowverse, specifically in Legends of Tomorrow. Courtney also appeared in another DC Universe property, Young Justice: Outsiders, in which she’s seen briefly as the host of Goode World Studios.

This new live-action series, though, will be the first time Stargirl is front and center of her own vehicle, with Nickelodeon actress Brec Bassinger starring as Courtney Whitmore. The show, which Johns will also oversee as showrunner, will have her partner up with heroes in the Justice Society of America and battle villains from both the past and present.

Stargirl will arrive to DC Universe in 2020, joining Doom Patrol, Titans, and Swamp Thing, which DC announced would premiere on May 31, 2019.

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