The Outer Worlds has DLC plans for next year

Image: Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division

For those who enjoyed The Outer Worlds but really, really wished it lasted longer: good news! Story-based downloadable content is on the way in 2020.

Obsidian Entertainment’s social media manager dropped the news as part of the thank-yous to players for their support in landing nominations for Game of the Year, Best Performance, Best Role-Playing Game and Best Narrative at The Game Awards 2019 on Thursday night.

But the teaser made no mention of what exactly the DLC will concern. While the word “free” wasn’t used, it doesn’t sound like this will be premium? At any rate, The Outer Worlds launched at the end of October, and while fans have mused about it in forums, subreddits and such, Obsidian hasn’t said anything about DLC until now.

“Details will be made available at a later date,” Obsidian said. No time window was mentioned, but The Outer Worlds will be launching on Nintendo Switch sometime before March 31, so perhaps this arrives around that time, too.

We enjoyed The Outer Worlds and appreciated its compact nature, but understand why some RPG fans — particularly fans of Obsidian RPGs — might have been a little let down by a gameplay length estimated at 20 or so hours. Time notwithstanding, The Outer Worlds landed at No. 7 on our 50 best games of 2019.

And, just to be clear, Obsidian says this DLC “will be expanding the story,” so it’s not just cosmetics, gear, or stuff to use in the existing world and story.

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