Resist the new game for VR and PC

2038... Many different countries and companies are creating AI as everyone wants to be one step forward and dominate the world. People are being warned to stop creating AI. In the city of Ratnagiri, India, the company named SACH gets out of control, attacks and self destroys human resources os SACH, military funds of the corporation, reforms and modernizes itself and attacks Indian army. Indian army is totally digital, AI attacks with all its strength and paralyzes the technology of the army. And then starts the first war against people in human history. The war lasts for 26 months, and AI becomes the ultimate winner and destroys 99,7% of the population forming its own rules. The year counts and calendars change after the human civilization. Only few survived; they create asylums and keep themselves safe. In the year of 5 after humans AI finds a huge asylum where there are 115000 women, elderly, orphans. They destroy that with air weapons. Only 448 survive (mostly children). One partisan group saves them and replaces them in the underground caves. The hero of the game is one of the children who loses its foot and one hand, also some of the body parts are injured. The hero loses its whole family during the war. People start living underground lives fight against AI (it’s helpless in the ground). In the year of 12 after human population, the partisan groups get new additions. A new long term and wide plan has been created. The leader of the new group and the spy is the game hero. The problem is all clear! To save the population from total destruction.

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